Speaking with Color Challenge

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love color.  I love to play around with different color palettes to see what I can come up with.  So when I read that Margie Deeb and Bead & Button were issuing a color challenge, I knew I wanted to participate.  Margie wrote three articles (Bead & Button August, October and December issues) and you were to create a piece based on the concepts of any article.  As my own personal challenge, I tried to incorporate the concepts of all three articles into my jewelry.  Here’s what I submitted:

Warm and Cool Necklace

As with any contest, you never know what will happen.  But after a few months, I was excited to learn that my necklace was chosen as a winner!

April Bead & Button

In addition to the honor of appearing in the April issue, I was fortunate to receive several goodies including an autographed The Beader’s Color Palette, a big pile of beads and a subscription to Bead & Button magazine!

BB color winnings collage

Thank you Margie and Bead & Button!


6 thoughts on “Speaking with Color Challenge

  1. JoAnn Barton

    Maureen, what a beautiful design concept! I’m so honored to be one of your beady buddies, and congrats on this huge honor. You definitely deserve it, as one of the foremost beadweavers I’ve even encountered. I can’t wait to see it in the magazine. Love you, beady buddy!

  2. Jane Harrison

    Maureen – I am so excited for you. This challenge was the perfect one for you, you always have great color combinations. I am also honored to be one of your beady buddies. Will definitely buy and keep this issue of Bead and Button.

  3. Lisa Horwitz

    Maureen, Congratulations! This is a beautiful piece and very worthy of the 1st place award. Thank you for letting us showcase it in the May issue of the CABO newsletter, and thank you for sharing your expertise and talent with us at each CABO meeting!

    Lisa Horwitz

    1. beaderchin Post author

      Thanks Lisa, I appreciate it and am honored that you’re including it in the newsletter!


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